[fic] ∞ Kanjani- Chaos ∞

Because don't have time's a bit to early...but whatever...

Happy Birthday, Tacchon *O*

Our little omittchi turns 19 on Sunday!! yay! XD
Stay as you are and have fun on Sunday *O* [with us >XD]
*gives you Yoko as present back*  Have Fun with him. >XD

*throws gummybears at you*
The Kanjani8 Cake was to expensive, sorry! XD
Und deswegen bekommste nur ne fic <<
Beschwerden kannse dir in wohin schieben...XD*hust* sorry, zuviel Luxe

Title: ∞ Kanjani- Chaos ∞
Length: One-shot
waru_aoi [in other! XD]
Rating: PG
Pairing: None Oo...maybe... no XD nothing
Summary: Ehhh~ Happy Birthday Tacchon? XD Sorry but the fic is in German o___o [because my English sucks XD"]

Thanks to: My beta reita_san

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Hab dich Lieb ** <33
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OhkuraBaru Picspam 2 :D

How I said is the second OhkuraBaru Picspam! :D
Want to see the first? Here is the first OhkuraBaru Picspam

This time the Picspam is a little Longer! XD"
So If you don't like Subaru and/or Ohkura, please dont read this Entry~!
Theres a little Ryo, too. But the main is OhkuraBaru XD.

Well, here we go :D...

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OhkuraBaru Picspam :D

Me was searching for OhkuraBaru Pictures, because my friend want some to make a OhkuraBaru Signature for us :D
And so I decided, I post a few here.
I know I have some more, but I can't find them on my PC. <<"

Here are the Pics for all who love the two just like me xD

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With Tribute to my  besto Friend  Tacchon, ne ^____^ omittchi88

I have also two cute gifs from
Reita and Aoi

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